The Sword of Elendil was forged anew by Elvish smiths…

A companion who is an Artificer of Eregion may retire to his smithy in the valley of Imladris to give himself unto the hammer and anvil to either enhance a weapon or to enchant it.

To complete his work, an artificer must accumulate 6 Craftsmanship points, in one or more undertakings. To gain Craftsmanship points, during the same Fellowship phase the companion may make a Craft roll, spend Experience points or gain Shadow, or a combination of the three.

  • Gain 1 Craftsmanship point on a successful Craft roll, 2 points on a great success, and 3 on an extraordinary result.
  • Spending Experience, you gain 1 Craftsmanship point for each Experience point you choose to spend.
  • Finally, you may acquire Craftsmanship points by gaining Shadow, at the cost 1 Shadow for each Craftsmanship point gained.

If the artisan doesn’t succeed in accumulating 6 points in the same Fellowship phase, take note of the number of points gained so far, to resume the work at a later Fellowship phase (the companion will have to choose the Elven-smithy undertaking again).

It is possible to improve an item for someone else. In this case, the companion who will receive the weapon will have to stay in Rivendell for the Fellowship phase and take part in the making of the artefact by renouncing to choose another undertaking. The artificer will still make the Craft roll, but it is the other companion who will eventually spend Experience or gain Shadow to complete the work.

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